Women’s World Hockey Championship: Salt being Salt


Emergency Update from the Women’s World Hockey Championship

So on a whim Salt and I decided to head up to the Women’s World Hockey Championship in Kamloops to check out the action and catch up with some old friends.Last night we got some good old Canada vs. U.S.A. hockey action. Salt being Salt decided to throw on a blue jersey, tell everyone that he was from Michigan and cheer on the old Red, White and Blue. That’s fine with me, if Salt wants to show absolute no patriotism and cheer on our nation’s biggest rivals, that is his problem. What transpired next though is typical Salt, yet still unbelievable.

After getting well lubricated at a bar next to the arena, we headed over to the game but had to stop outside, so Salt could participate in the kids shooting games outside the arena. The girl running the games told us “adults can play to”, and then may have confused Salt for being specials needs, as she told me and our other buddy that we were “really good friends”.

Salt then proceeded to wildly cheer for the U.S. for the first two periods while drawing the ire of every fan in the lower bowl.During the intermission, he also found more contests to participate in and more fans to regale with stories from his “Michigan State days”.

It was during the 2nd intermission though that the real Salt came out, when he informed me that he was going to leave, because he was hungry and everyone was “against him and hated him”. The guy chooses to cheer for a country that is not his own and then after a couple slaps on the head from a thunderstick from a hockey mom and a couple boos his way, he is ready to pack up his bags and go home! I should have known it was coming, a typical Salt move, but yet it still shocked me. I ended up having to buy the guy a poutine just so he would finish the game with us. Yet he still continued to pout about being at the game, until the  U.S.A. made comeback win, which he wildly cheered, earning us the scorn of many.

The morale of this story is probably that traitors, have no spine and will crumble, while true patriots like myself always stand tall and would never let hunger or a few hockey moms get to us.

To make matters worse, I had Canada on the money line. :Love Canada to get revenge in the Championship Game though, going to bet them right now to win the tournament.