Question of the Day: Why does anyone watch professional wrestling?

Why does anyone watch professional wrestling?

To clarify, by professional wrestling I mean the WWE.

So last night, as it sometimes happens, I decided to watch a couple of minutes of Monday Night RAW. Sometimes it’s Friday Night Smackdown. There was nothing better on and I felt like a good chuckle or two. In small doses, it’s hilarious to me how incredibly stupid pro wrestling is.

When I turned on RAW yesterday, the big match was between Roman Reign and Triple H (I think?). Roman Reign was going rogue. There were about 6 referees trying to stop him. Shockingly, they were unable to slow him down.

Essentially, the few minutes that I did watch followed exactly the same script that I see every time. Except this time, I think the one dude went more rogue than usual. The announcer seemed even more jacked up than usual about this fake fight.

WWE is like the Groundhog Day of wrestling. It’s the same thing every freaking time and I can never comprehend why anyone watches it. I get why people watch the Bachelor. I get why people watch Keeping up with the Kardashians. WWE, I do not get.

Heck, people even pay to watch the WWE. Stadiums are full of adults who cheer and boo fake characters. Adults pay to watch Wrestlemania on pay per view like it’s the second coming of the Rumble in the Jungle.

I know these people know it’s fake. These people will tell you it’s similar to watching any sort of scripted TV show or movie. Yeah, okay. Except WWE might possibly be the worst-acted, worst-scripted TV show in the world. Also, when I see Star Wars in the theatre, I’m not in the theatre booing Darth Vader when he comes on the screen.

Let me be clear, pro wrestlers are very good at their jobs. I am not discounting what they do on a week-to-week basis. Their stunts have a high degree of difficulty and they are always putting their bodies on the line. Although pro wrestling is not a real sport, these guys are real athletes.

However, whenever I find out someone above the age of 13 watches professional wrestling on a regular basis, I question everything about them. I’m a huge Bill Simmons fan yet there is always a little voice in my head that reminds me he is a bona fide, lifelong WWE fan. What is wrong with him?

Every time I watch pro wrestling, I always try to figure out why anyone watches this crap. Last night, it made me feel a little better that these are probably the same people who are voting for Donald Trump. Similarly to the way I feel about Donald Trump supporters, it scares me little inside that there are this many people in the world so passionate about something that is so stupid.

I’m asking for your help. Why does anyone watch professional wrestling?