Question of the Day: How Much Should Squire Spend #forthekids

Last week, I wrote about surviving survivor.

Unfortunately, Alecia Holden didn’t fair so well this season. Despite busting her ass off around camp, and finding a hidden immunity idol clue, she was kicked out by the the Brawn tribe.

Holden recently gave an interview describing her experience on the show. In the interview Holden went on to say that the two tribe mates responsible for giving her the boot “never gave her a chance” and believes they don’t “respect women”.

Since being eliminated Holden seems to be taking the loss in stride. She’s kept a pretty even keel in the media and just said what everyone who watched the show could already see. And now, shes auctioning off a 15 minute skype call to help raise money to find a cure for JDRF (Type 1 Diabetes). 

Enter Hard No Sports.

Personally, I am not a huge survivor fan. I only started watching a couple years ago and I’m burning out. I don’t think Squire has watched an episode in his life. Gritty however, Gritty loves survivor.

So when Alecia announced she was doing something good, like donating money to charity, Squire saw the perfect opportunity. Help out a charity and give Gritty the interview of his dreams.

squire - tweet- holden

Look how sweet she is. She even liked it. Little old Squire got a like from Holden. It was a big day for the Hard No House.

Now, I don’t know how many people follow us at this point. I’m assuming zero. So, to save you the time, all Squire really does is bitch about how much he has to work and how much money he’s made dipping into the ‘fat cat lifestyle’.

And then, just this morning he was complaining about how the auction had reached $150…….I am getting the vibe that Squire may not really be in it #forthekids after all.

So, today we ask you, how high should the corporate fat cat, Squire, have to go in his pursuit of helping out a charity and helping Gritty get a skype call with the former Survivor contestant, but always beautiful, Alecia Holden?

I think it’s time he puts his money where his mouth is.