Mortal Lock of the Week

imageWe have a problem in the @hardnosports family, apparently @hardnogritty thinks you can just pick winners when picking the mortal lock of the week. I thought it went without saying that we  were picking against the spread in these games, not picking winners. Men pick against the spread, boys pick winners. Gritty apparently is a boy.

To prove a point I am going to pick Gonzaga right now, without knowing who they will play in the first round, and will take the points if I can get them, or give them if necessary.

Why Gonzaga? Their backcourt took awhile to to come around this year, and they took some losses earlier in the year that they shouldn’t have, but now they are firing on all cylinders and still have the most dangerous front court in the tourney. Zags are criminally underrated, and will have a seed way too low because the stupid RPI.

The penalties for @hardnogritty will be severe