Question of the day: Is Trump in the Tyson zone, or a whole new zone?


Is Trump in the Tyson zone of has he created his whole new zone?

The Tyson Zone is a term popularized by @BillSimmons, it is when a celebrity’s behavior becomes so insane that there is literally nothing they could do that would any longer shock or surprise you, or indeed any human being. It was obviously named after Mike Tyson, and yesterday’s question of the day star, Johnny Football, is someone who has obviously entered that Tyson zone, where you could tell me that Johnny Football did just about anything and I would believe you.

Which brings us to Trump, honestly he has to be there, look at this:


Now, the difference between the past Tyson zone stars and Trump? Trump now has legitimate chance to be Leader of the Free Fucking World!  And let’s not get it wrong, above all else Trump is a celebrity. He isn’t a businessman or a politician, he is a
brand, a celebrity and now large group of people seem to be prepared to make that brand President. And as President what could The Donald do, that would shock you?

Sure, Mike Tyson or Johnny Manziel could have announced that they were running for president a la Kanye, and it would not have surprised in the least, but people would have laughed and moved on. Now Trump has decided to run and people aren’t laughing they are voting…for him.

I guess the real question should have been, has Trump moved into a whole new zone already, or is he is in the Tyson zone until elected as President?



Question of the Day: Where will Johnny Manziel Play Next?

jfootballlWhere will Johnny Football be playing next?

The inevitable happened today, and the Browns released Johnny Manziel. Was there ever a worse marriage than the Browns and Johnny? Johnny’s actions have certainly seemed to be those of someone who wanted to get the fuck out of Cleveland, but where does that leave him?



Is Jerry Jones, actually crazy enough to roll the dice on Johnny Manziel? The upside of this is Tony Romo will get hurt, so we would get to see Johnny, but the downside is Johnny and Dallas seems like a ticking time bomb.

The Las Vegas Raiders

johnny-manziel-blackjackMark Davis wants to move the Raiders to Las Vegas and there could not possibly be a better franchise quarterback of the new Las Vegas Football team than Johnny Manziel. He could hit the crap tables all week, then go out on Sunday run around and makes plays. It’s the opposite of Johnny and Cleveland, it’s a match made in heaven.


index.pngThis is probably my favorite option, only because I would get to see @HardNoGritty root for him to fail every week of the CFL season, just so he could pull up his spreadsheet and add Johnny to his list of Heisman winners and ex-NFL players who have failed in the CFL. Also, note to all the CFL teams out there if you sign Johnny I will actually come to a game, and this is a guy prides himself on never having been to a CFL, game. You get Johnny and I will come, Johnny running around in the wide open, can’t tackle CFL would be electric. Break the bank BC Lions, go get Money Manziel, hell if the Lions sign him, I may actually buy season tickets. But let’s be honest Johnny doesn’t belong in the CFL, the guy is a star, and the CFL, is not where stars go.

Playing Blackjack with Scott Disick in Vegas filming his reality TV Show


This has to be the outcome right? Johnny’s exploits off the field have far outgrown his exploits on it, and that has been the case from almost day 1. His Heisman season at Texas A&M, seems so long ago. It might be time just to ditch Football which gets in the way of his partying, jet setting lifestyle and become the reality TV star he is destined to become.

So once, again I ask where will Johnny Football be playing next?

Whole30: Is it healthy to lose 15lbs, in 16 days?


This is a serious question, is it healthy to lose 15 pounds in 16 days?@HardNoSalt and I embarked on the Whole30 17 days ago. You can read Salt’s post The. Whole. 30. to find out how we ended up in this mess. But as Salt said with my desk job, I have become a fat fuck, for lack of a better term. My days are spent grinding away at my desk and with some ‘networking’ lunches and dinners mixed in there to compliment my lack of exercise with thousands of extra calories. And what do I do when I have a free night or a weekend without work? I knock back cold ones like I am in a desert oasis that might dry up at anytime to relieve the stress, and stumble on home with a few pieces of pizza to crush.

Then along came the Whole 30, and BOOM not only did my diet take a 180 degree turn, I also started working out properly and regularly again for the first time since I was in university. My leisurely pedal on the bike listening to tunes and checking twitter was replaced with squats and lots of them.

So one week into this new lifestyle, I weighed myself. I know Whole 30 says don’t weigh yourself,  but if I am doing this, I better be losing some weight, damn it! The result after 7 days was a 6 pound drop. I figured that this weight loss would level itself off, now that my body had had time to adjust to the new diet. So that brings me to last night, after a long day at the office I dragged my ass to gym at 10 pm, and I decided to hop on the scale, and what it showed was a 15 pound loss, in the last 16 days. I had to get off and back on to make sure it was right.

Which leads me to my question, is this healthy, I certainly had 15 pounds to lose and definitely have some more to lose, I am not looking like a skeleton. However, having basically been having a pound a day fall off me for a month straight, which when I think about it, seems crazy to me. And don’t ask me if I have been eating enough, I spend my entire day eating, no three meals a day, Whole 30 plan here, I probably have 5 meals a day plus snacks, and it doesn’t matter the weight keeps dropping.

So is this a problem or should I just say fuck it, and try to lose 30 pounds in 30 days, just to say I did it?


Question of the day: does anybody like Bubba Watson?


Does anybody actually like Bubba Watson?

Seriously, outside of his family and perhaps including them too, does anybody actually like Bubba? Now that the charm, of his southern drawl and funny name, has worn off and people have seen the real Bubba, I am pretty confident the answer is no. Why? Here’s a reminder.

How Bubba treats his caddy

How Bubba treats the fans

And my favorite, what his peers think of him.

In an ESPN poll of tour players he managed to have nearly a quarter of the players choose him, for the player they would be least likely to help if they saw them in a fight in a parking lot.

So once again I ask who likes Bubba Watson? If somehow on earth you do, I would like to know how and why?

Gonzaga is dancing again, and that’s a good thing


imageGonzaga, punched their ticket to the dance for the 18th straight year and that is a good thing. I can’t say exactly, why, but I have always been a huge Gonzaga fan. Perhaps, I just like a good underdog, or the number of Canadians they have had, but no it is more than that. It’s the fact that they were the little guy, they got their taste of the big time and instead of saying we had a nice run, or looking for greener pastures, they decided to stay there among the elites and that is exactly what they have done, made their own program the big time. And that is something I admire. I would have hated to see their consecutive streak that ranks them among the Dukes and Michigan states ended by some bullshit RPI ranking, but once again they did the right thing and took matters into their own hands.

Sidenote: I knew there (Editor’s Note: The wrong use of “their” was used previously by Squire. Gritty couldn’t stand for it) was know way Mark Few was letting them lose this game and that’s why I bet the Zags, moving the HardNo House to 1 and 0. Go me! And go Zags!

yes Gus, the Slipper Still Fits, and it’s not going to stop fitting.


The Gambling Account.

So Salt and I opened our first official gambling account today. Sure we have placed plenty of bets in our lives, who doesn’t like to watch a game with a little action on it, but we have never had the ability to just go and place a bet, on a moments whim. The bets have always just been among friends, or I have had to get a friends to place the action for me. No longer will there be any barriers to placing bets, as we now have an account at an undisclosed location. Now when I can’t sleep on a random weeknight I can place a bet on a random West Coast Conference basketball game and sweat out the under all night (Who Am I kidding, always bet the over in the WCC, that league doesn’t know defence). #Blessed

Also he doesn’t realize it yet, but it is only a matter of time until Salt is placing bets on random hockey games in the  Belarus Extraliga, while watching the games on some shitty internet stream, and I will take the under on 2 weeks before he is betting on the KHL, guy loves himself some commy hockey.

Rules of the Account

So there are a few rules to the account…

  1. We have started with $100 (yes we are ballin like that)
  2. We can each place any bets under $5 up to a maximum  of $20 total in a day that we want, without any rules or permission from the other.
  3. To place a bet over $5, or to bet over $20 for any given day we need to have the permission of the other
  4. No personal savings may be used to replenish the account.
  5. So if (let’s be real, when) our account goes to zero we will have to come up with way to replenish the account, and it can’t be from our personal savings, regular income or lines of credit. This means we will have to find odd jobs, or things to sell (i.e. collecting pop cans). On an unrelated note anybody need a bartender for an event? Asking for a friend
  6. No money can be taken out of the account for a year, at the end of the year we will decide new rules for the account

The other thing about the start of this account, is it almost perfect coincides with the start of March Madness. There is nothing I love more than March Madness and I can almost guarantee you I will be begging Salt to let me increase my limit so I can hit the late games on the first day. There is also a pretty good chance I am going to have to take a vacation from my real job after the first weekend so I can scrounge up enough money to play the second weekend.

So if you have any hot tips please hit us up on twitter @HardNoSalt and @HardNoSquire! We love hot tips,and are almost guaranteed to place some action on any tips we get! #GetThatPaper

EDIT: I just found out that you can bet on esports. There is no chance that Salt isn’t betting on esports by the end of this week. Our TV is going to be constantly streaming warcraft tournaments or some shit like that FML. Dweebs playing games is not a sport nor entertainment, and even as someone who advocates being able to bet on almost anything I am against this. Again FUCK MY LIFE and FUCK ESPORTS TOO

Who we are…


You can call me Squire. I am 26 years and stuck between two worlds. From 9-5 I exist in the grown up corporate world. However, I can’t quite seem to let go of the care free and responsibility free life of an early 2o’s male that I used to know. Sports are my outlet and escape from this conflict. I also love making a buck anyway I can, so am always chasing my next dollar. Oh and did I mention I have an addictive personality and just opened a sports betting account…

I live with Salt, and am technically his landlord, hence the name Squire. Salt is one my best friends and we decided to start this blog to entertain ourselves, if no one else. It will have our thoughts on sports, current events and tidbits from our daily lives.


After many years of higher education Salt is currently trying to find a real ‘grown up’ job. This is stressing him out.  He currently watches movies, watches sports, plays video games, lifts heavy things and puts them back down, and applies for jobs. Oh, and he studies. He really doesn’t know how good he has it.

Salt gets his name because of his tendency to look for the negative in everything. Despite this, he can still be one of the most fun humans I know. This conflict between negativity and desire for fun leads to an endless river of  sarcasm flowing from Salt’s mouth.  If there is going to be any artistic side to this blog, it will definitely be coming from Salt (he moonlights as a rockstar, a film critic, and music critic… never stops) and you can also count on him for a few conspiracy theories…


We asked Gritty to join us on this fun little project of ours since he is the biggest sports fanatic we know. He also happens to be one of the smartest guys we know. Lord knows we could use some brains around here.

Gritty is also, honestly the nicest guy I have ever met and you have to wonder what he is doing around a place like HardNoSports. He will probably be mortified by 95% of the posts we make. Gritty will provide the actual sports opinions and analysis for HardNo, while claiming the league they try and call football, the CFL, is great.

That’s it. That is our team and this is the beginning of HardNoSports. At this point you know as much about the next post as we do……not a thing.