Hey kids don’t grow up, no really don’t grow up


I started this post when I was at work one day, while I was supposed to be at a golf tournament. So it comes from a place of bitterness I will admit. And I am just getting around to finishing it now, because…well life sucks.

I am currently sitting in my office, when I am supposed to be playing a golf tournament, enjoying the almost perfect weather and probably being a beer or two too deep. But instead I am stuck in my windowless office working away. To make the matters worst the rest of the office (that isn’t out on summer vacation) is drinking.

See, 27 is coming up fast for me and I have realized that I have made a big mistake, I didn’t ‘waste’ any years of my 20’s. Nope like a sucker I did all those things I was supposed to do and where did that get me? A quick ticket to the hamster wheel, that’s where.

I went to university and picked up a degree in four years, and a second one in another three for good measure, all the while working and doing all those extra curricular things you are supposed to do that look good on resumes and “get you ahead”. And don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of fun going it, I always found time for Thirsty Thursday’s, Sunday Fundays and every party in between.

But I never took time off to travel for a year or “find myself”. I wanted to get on the fasflane to success and stay there.

To make matters worse, I have pretty much got there too. Sure I could be making a little more money, have a little more power etc., but for the most part I have accomplished to date what I set out to do. I even like what I do for my job for the most part. The problemis, I am stuck doing it for the next 30 years, it comes with responsibilities, that I can’t just walk away from. As does my house, my mortgage and everything else.

By by the the time I was 25, I was pretty much married to the rest of my life. I have spent the last two years realizing that I have made commitments in life that have made it almost impossible for me to “get away”, unless I want to get labelled as the crazy guy who burned out and ended up at a surf lodge in Nicaragua. And that may still happen, one day I may just give it all up and be hanging loose on a beach in Nicuragua.

Until then, I have the Pats game tomorrow to look forward to tomorrow, and the rest of the football season to hopefully get me through the fall. And then I will have golf seasons to look forward to (if I can even get out of the office).

But to all you guys and girls in your early 20’s or younger, I say don’t be in too much of rush, enjoy the lack off responsibility while you have it.





Did Donald Trump just have his best tweet ever?

This tweet from Donal Trump is just peak Trump! It manages to perfectly capture his arrogance, his vanity and his racism all in one tweet.

It’s Cinco De Mayo, he has to tweet about it and he has to remind people that he is NOT a racist! So naturally he finishes with I love Hispanics, boom golden!

And obviously the best taco bowls (pretty sure that is not a traditional dish) are made by something with the Trump name on it!

Please try and find me a better tweet from the Donald, you can’t.


Question of the Day: How much was this basketball player paid to fix this game in the Greek league?

How much was this player paid to fix the game?

Former Arizona State player Jermaine Marshall tied up this quarterfinal Greek league game by scoring on his own basket, as time expired.

Seriously!? Sure mental lapses happen, but it is the end of the game, a playoff game too boot. You suddenly forgot which basket was yours as time expired? No, the explanation I can come up with is Jermaine suddenly realized he was about to have a couple broken knee caps and the only thing he could do is take matters into his own hands. Jermaine’s team Kifisia lost in overtime, 108-103, no shit, no way they were coming back from that.

Though from what I have seen from Greek league basketball fans, I am not sure he was any safer…

Women’s World Hockey Championship: Salt being Salt


Emergency Update from the Women’s World Hockey Championship

So on a whim Salt and I decided to head up to the Women’s World Hockey Championship in Kamloops to check out the action and catch up with some old friends.Last night we got some good old Canada vs. U.S.A. hockey action. Salt being Salt decided to throw on a blue jersey, tell everyone that he was from Michigan and cheer on the old Red, White and Blue. That’s fine with me, if Salt wants to show absolute no patriotism and cheer on our nation’s biggest rivals, that is his problem. What transpired next though is typical Salt, yet still unbelievable.

After getting well lubricated at a bar next to the arena, we headed over to the game but had to stop outside, so Salt could participate in the kids shooting games outside the arena. The girl running the games told us “adults can play to”, and then may have confused Salt for being specials needs, as she told me and our other buddy that we were “really good friends”.

Salt then proceeded to wildly cheer for the U.S. for the first two periods while drawing the ire of every fan in the lower bowl.During the intermission, he also found more contests to participate in and more fans to regale with stories from his “Michigan State days”.

It was during the 2nd intermission though that the real Salt came out, when he informed me that he was going to leave, because he was hungry and everyone was “against him and hated him”. The guy chooses to cheer for a country that is not his own and then after a couple slaps on the head from a thunderstick from a hockey mom and a couple boos his way, he is ready to pack up his bags and go home! I should have known it was coming, a typical Salt move, but yet it still shocked me. I ended up having to buy the guy a poutine just so he would finish the game with us. Yet he still continued to pout about being at the game, until the  U.S.A. made comeback win, which he wildly cheered, earning us the scorn of many.

The morale of this story is probably that traitors, have no spine and will crumble, while true patriots like myself always stand tall and would never let hunger or a few hockey moms get to us.

To make matters worse, I had Canada on the money line. :Love Canada to get revenge in the Championship Game though, going to bet them right now to win the tournament.

Question of the day: Who sweats more, Sean Miller of Marco Rubio?

Who sweats more, Sean Miller or Marco Rubio?

Last night everyone in America, was shocked by the literal buckets that Arizona coach Sean Miller was sweating. The guy was drenched, which brings us to our, question of the day, who is the bigger sweater in America, Sean Miller or the notorious sweater Marco Rubio.

Let’s roll some game film on the Coach Miller.

How did Miller even have that must water in him to sweat out? The guy must have lost at least 5lbs during the game. His players who were actually playing, the game, did not sweat half as much as he did, it literally boggles my mind.

Now the politician Rubio


Rubio is a sweater there is no doubt about it, from debates to campaign speeches, the guy sweats away.And it is probably all this sweating that leads to dehydration and his infamous dry mouth issues.

But let’s be honest if not for Trump constantly blasting Rubio for his sweating, most of us would hardly notice Rubio’s sweating and just think the top of his head was a little extra shiny in those debates.

Miller on the other hand looked like he had had a shower in his clothes last night, and for that reason I have to go with Sean Miller as the biggest sweater in America.


Congrats Coach, at least you won something last night. And ouch perhaps I should have gone Rubio, let the guy win something, he can’t even win Florida for fuck sakes. Poor Marco.


Question of the Day: Who is the Worst District Attorney, Kratz or Nifong?

Who is the worst, District Attorney, Ken Kratz or Mike Nifong?

A couple months a go, the Netflix show, Making a Murderer shocked America with how wrong the justice system can seem to go. Then just a few days ago the ESPN 30 for 30, Fantastic Lies, on the Duke lacrosse scandal came out, and once again America was horrified by how how far awry the justice system can go. What did these two shows have in common? Among other things repulsive District Attorneys who made our skin crawl.

Ken Kratz

Kratz was the District Attorney in Steven Avery’s case, in Making a Murderer.

As egregious as Kratz’s actions in the Avery case, may have been, it was probably the rail roading of Avery’s nephew Brendan Dassey that was was even more disturbing. We may not know if Steven Avery is guilty or not, but one thing that was clear was the events as confessed to by Dassey simply did not occur. It was absolutely heartbreaking to first watch a confession be coerced out of someone intellectually unable to defend themselves, and then to watch Kratz run this false confession all the way to a conviction.

Kratz is also a huge creep, as was evidenced by the sexting scandal, which cost him his District Attorney job in 2010. Where he was found to be sexting domestic violence victims, in the cases he was prosecuting.

I have a $350,000 house, has to be one of the worst lines ever… Also if you aren’t convinced he is a creep check out this interview he did after Making a Murderer.

Mike Nifong

Nifong was the District Attorney in the Duke lacrosse case. At the time the Duke lacrosse rape allegations came around he was badly behind in the polls for his reelection as District Attorney. Then along came the Duke lacrosse accuser and he jumped on the case and in front of every news camera he could, to the tune of 5o to 70 interviews in the first week. Nifong made outlandish, untrue and inflammatory statements, in these interviews which set the narrative for the case.

Nifong then proceeded to never actually interview the accuser, allow the use of photo lineups with only Duke lacrosse team members in them (the players were in a game of Russian roulette they never knew about), and ignored and withheld exculpatory DNA and circumstantial evidence. But he did manage to get himself re-elected. Ruining the lives of a few young men, in the process seemed to be just fine with him.

In the end, Nifong was found to have conspired with the director of the DNA lab to have withheld exculpatory DNA evidence from the report to the defence team. The case was thrown out, Nifong was sentenced to a day in jail and disbarred.


They are both awful human beings who should not have been in the positions they were in, but I am actually going to lean Kratz on this one only because somehow he is still a practing lawyer. If you need an immigration lawyer in Wisconsin give him a call. Even worse, Kratz actually isn’t embarrassed enough to just try and disappear, the guy is still giving interviews.

Two other questions I was left with were:

  1. How does America still think it is a good idea to elect judges and district attorney’s?
  2. When was it that innocent before proven guilty died?


Can We All Agree God Does Not Belong on the Sports Field


Last week I was surfing Twitter as I usually do when I have a couple of minutes, and I thought I must be hallucinating or at least dreaming, there seemed to be a number of people tweeting that the Broncos needed to bring back Tim Tebow. Now some of these tweets were in jest, but there was actually a large number of people who were very seriously pushing the idea.

Let’s be honest, there is only one reason so many people are desperately pushing the candidacy of a quarterback who last played in the NFL 3 seasons ago, GOD. These people want to believe that a quarterback can overcome the inability to throw a football anywhere near an NFL receiver, with Faith.

Please spare me the arguments that it is something other than Faith that drives the Tebow mania. There are plenty of other Heisman winners and college superstars that have not been able to cut it in the pros, and people have just moved on, and let them do autograph signings and open car dealerships for the rest of their lives. And don’t get me wrong I loved Tebow mania while it lasted. There was nothing better than Tebow/Chuck Norris jokes, but it is long past time to move on.


This is not meant to be an attack on God or religion, it is just to point out that if there is a God somewhere out there, he probably has better things to worry about than making sure that Tim Tebow throws a couple TDs and wins on a Sunday. Whatever God you might believe in, don’t you hope that he is worried about more important things than the score of a game? If God wants to watch over and make sure no one gets seriously injured in a game, sure great, I am all for that, beyond that I truly hope, if he is out there, that he has better things to do.

Further don’t we want sports, to be settled on the field and not by destiny? I know we love to talk about teams of destiny, but at the end of the day why we play sports and love competition, is the pursuit of excellence in ourselves and the chance to best another man. Athletes train every day to make themselves the best the can be so they can go out there and try to beat the other guy, and I am pretty sure deep down that is what they want to do, beat the other guy, not have some high power beat the other guy for them.

Finally, sport also offers one the few places, in our world, that can act as a true melting pot, and bring people literally from every walk of life together. Your age, race, gender, socioeconomic status or religion do not matter when discussing sport, it is something we can all relate to in our own way. So could we please leave it that way and keep religion out of it?

As for the Tebow Crusaders please let it die, and perhaps move on to a crusade about something that actually matters, after all there is a brutal Islamic caliphate sweeping across the middle east right now.


Question of the day: Are Guarantees Worth It?


Is a guarantee worth it in sports?

It is tradition almost as old as sport itself, athletes guaranteeing wins and championships. From Joe Namath guaranteeing a victory in Superbowl III, to Mark Messier guaranteeing a win with the Rangers facing elimination.

These guarantees helped grow the legends of Messier and Namath. Much like Babe Ruth supposedly calling his home run many, many years before contributed to his legend and lore.

However, guaranteed wins are not always realized upon which brings us to the case of Graham DeLaet, who was one stroke off the lead heading into Sunday’s final round at Valspar Championship when he said “I’m going to go and win this golf tournament tomorrow.” Unfortunately, DeLaet did not go out and win the tournament, instead he went out and shot 4-over without recording a birdie, not the type of performance that is going to get it done on a Sunday in the PGA.

As a result of his failed promise, DeLaet was the butt of many jokes and subject to a lot of critical commentary.

You aren’t going to find a group of guys rooting harder for Delaet than the boys at HardNoSports. When it comes to a Sunday on the links there isn’t a whole lot Canada has to offer. Delaet is the exception. We all love Graham and wanted him to win.  Just as important, he has an amazing beard. However, I think he deserved the criticism. If you are going to talk the talk, you need to walk the walk.

I think it’s a good sign DeLaet has the confidence to say something like this publically. It’s a step in the right direction. However, it might be best he keeps these thoughts to himself until he pulls of a win or two. The public backlash and questions he has to answer might not be worth it.

So my stance on this: I would prefer athletes just going out there and getting the job done. Leave the talking for after the game. However, on the flip side I could argue, people will quickly forget about Graham’s guarantee and in a few days. It will disappear into the Twitter abyss. After all, it was only the Valspar. But had he won it would have been remembered forever.

So, once again, I ask: Are guarantees worth it, in sports?

Random Stat: DeLaet has 19 top-10’s over the last 4 seasons without a win, second most among players without a win over that time, to Sergio (21), is anyone better at being really good, but not good enough than Sergio?


Mortal Lock of the Week

imageWe have a problem in the @hardnosports family, apparently @hardnogritty thinks you can just pick winners when picking the mortal lock of the week. I thought it went without saying that we  were picking against the spread in these games, not picking winners. Men pick against the spread, boys pick winners. Gritty apparently is a boy.

To prove a point I am going to pick Gonzaga right now, without knowing who they will play in the first round, and will take the points if I can get them, or give them if necessary.

Why Gonzaga? Their backcourt took awhile to to come around this year, and they took some losses earlier in the year that they shouldn’t have, but now they are firing on all cylinders and still have the most dangerous front court in the tourney. Zags are criminally underrated, and will have a seed way too low because the stupid RPI.

The penalties for @hardnogritty will be severe