Question of the Day: Why Does LeBron Act like a 13 year old Girl?

LeBron James has a serious problem. He’s a 6”8, 260 lbs tank of human being who acts like a tween girl with posters of One Direction and Justin Bieber in her bedroom.

In what has become an all too common occurrence from LeBron’s leadership playbook, the King has gone back to the passive aggressive Twitter well. Last night, the internet went a bit insane when it was discovered that LeBron had unfollowed the Cleveland Cavaliers official twitter account. When LeBron was asked about this after the game, his response was “next question”.

If there was any doubt that this was not an accidental unfollow, LeBron’s “next question” response all but confirms that it wasn’t. If you need more evidence, LeBron unfollowed the Cavs on Instagram as well (and then re-followed them on Instagram).

It has been reported today that LeBron has removed his sound system from the locker room. 

That brings us to the question of the day. Why does LeBron Act like a 13 year old girl?

This is not the first time LeBron has done something similar to this. Earlier this month, LeBron James sent some tweets that were clearly directed towards Kyrie Irving. Irving even responded to the tweets with a cryptic tweet of his own.

Last February, LeBron actually admitted to his stop trying to “FIT-OUT and just FIT-IN” cryptic tweet directed at Kevin Love.

LeBron loves to pull this type of passive aggressive behaviour outside of Twitter too. At the beginning of last season, he infamously let his teammates fail on purpose to teach them a lesson. After making the game-winning shot in the NBA Finals last year, he threw David Blatt under the bus by telling the media that he scrapped the play call drawn up by Blatt. Midway through this season, he orchestrated a coup of David Blatt in favour of Tyronn Lue yet refused to acknowledge publicly that he had anything to do with it. A few days before sending the cryptic tweets towards Kyrie Irving, LeBron spent two straight off-days in Miami training with Dwyane Wade and simply swept the question under the rug when asked about it.

Yes, it is a pattern.

What I don’t understand is why one of the greatest basketball players of all-time resorts to this style of leadership. It doesn’t make sense to me that the owner, GM, coach and best player of a franchise chooses to direct his frustrations in such an indirect manner. While it is possible that a lot of these issues are being addressed internally, it is a wonder to me why LeBron does not wish to keep these issues internal.

Imagine having a boss who occasionally sends mass emails to every employee talking in general terms about what the company needs to do better but everyone knows that the email is clearly directed at one individual. Maybe that is your boss. Well, that’s pretty much what it is like playing with LeBron.

Justin Bieber posted a photo a couple of days ago on Instagram kissing his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Gomez liked the photo and commented “Perfect.” People went crazy about what this comment meant and whether the two are going to get back together.

I highlight the Bieber-Gomez fiasco because it is exactly the type of situation where we expect cryptic social media messages. The relationship status of an on again, off again celebrity couple. I imagine that, with the prominence of social media now, it’s the type of stuff that happens with teen girls (and guys to a lesser extent). Heck, I remember back in high school when it was a big deal that someone unfriended you on Facebook.

When there is already so much chaos in Cleveland, it is more than a bit odd that LeBron intentionally wants to create more chaos. If the Cavs don’t win a championship this year, people already were discussing the possibility of LeBron leaving Cleveland, again. Why add fuel to the fire by unfollowing the Cavs on social media?

LeBron is an incredibly calculated and intelligent individual. He knows what he is doing. He knows he is going to be asked the question when he does these types of things. However, he acts as if he is surprised when these questions come his way.

I can’t imagine Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan acting like this. Kobe and Jordan would just tell you straight up to your face what the problem is.

The only explanation I can come up with for LeBron’s petty behaviour is that this is his nature. LeBron is not built from the mold of a Kobe or a Jordan. It comes through in his play. Rather than take over games himself, LeBron’s instinct in the past was to defer to others. He has never been the cold blooded killer.  Not that he is a passive person by everyday standards, but relative to Kobe and Jordan, LeBron is not an in your face person and his leadership is reflective of that.

It’s almost as if he thrives off of the unnecessary drama that he creates. He’s mad at the Cavs, or David Blatt, or Kevin Love, or Kyrie Irving for whatever reason. He has all the power but instead of telling them privately that something is wrong, he sends a cryptic tweet or says something strange to the media that anyone with half a brain can figure out who he is directing it to.

I’m sure this is some kind of tactical measure designed to get him what he wants. I don’t know how what this specific action accomplishes but there has to be a game plan in there somewhere.  Still, it boggles my mind that LeBron chooses to go straight down Passive Aggressive Boulevard and Cryptic Avenue when he is upset.

Selena Gomez likes Justin Bieber’s photo and comments “Perfect.” LeBron unfollows the Cavs on Twitter.

Someone please tell me because I can’t figure it out. Why does LeBron act like a 13 year old girl?



Gritty’s Mortal Lock of the Week — Week 1 (Redo)

Apparently I misunderstood the purpose of the mortal lock and the lock was not as mortal as I expected. As as a result, I am redoing my mortal lock of the week. Because I watch TV like a 60 year old man and don’t have Netflix, figuring out my punishment  has been hard. I still don’t think we have a punishment for me.

Nevertheless, it won’t matter because this is a mortal lock.

It’s March Madness time. We have to lock in some hoops picks.

This has been an upset crazy first couple of days of madness. Even the great Tom Izzo’s Michagan State Spartans were upset by a lowly 15 seed. With that in mind, I still want to look towards a proven coach and a team on the ascension.

I’m going with John Calipari and the good ol’ Kentucky Wildcats. This isn’t a Wildcats team from recent memory. They are not filled with one and done players. They do have a one and done guy though. Jamal Murray (CANADIAN) is one of the country’s best pure scorers who forms a dynamic backcourt with tiny guard Tyler Ulis.

They also have a real presence on the interior based on the game I watched them play against Stony Brook in the first round. The announcers told me that this team started out their season slow and are hitting their stride at the perfect time of the year. That’s all I need to hear.

I’ve got Kentucky and their giving 3.5 points to Indiana.

Kids in Clubhouses

Yesterday, a very weird thing happened. Adam LaRoche, who had one year and $13 million remaining on his contract with the Chicago White Sox, decided to retire. Although leaving $13 million isn’t something regular people get to do, the retirement wasn’t all that weird in itself. The thing is, Adam LaRoche retired because management told him his 14 year old son, Drake, should spend less time with the team at the ballpark.

According to reports, this request came largely from team vice-president Kenny Williams. Ken Rosenthal released a statement from Williams, an excerpt of which is reproduced below:

“There has been no policy change with regards to allowance of kids in the clubhouse, on the field, the back fields during spring training. This young man that we’re talking about, Drake, everyone loves this young man. In no way do I want this to be about him.

“I asked Adam, said, ‘Listen, our focus, our interest, our desire this year is to make sure we give ourselves every opportunity to focus on a daily basis on getting better. All I’m asking you to do with regard to bringing your kid to the ballpark is dial it back.’

“I don’t think he should be here 100 percent of the time – and he has been here 100 percent, every day, in the clubhouse. I said that I don’t even think he should be here 50 percent of the time. Figure it out, somewhere in between.

“We all think his kid is a great young man. I just felt it should not be every day, that’s all. You tell me, where in this country can you bring your child to work every day?”

What do you make of something like this? Williams’ take seems to be reasonable until you take a closer look at the situation itself. Based on the subsequent reports, it appears that the only person who has a problem with Drake in the locker room is Williams. That’s a problem.

Williams mentions that no job in America would allow you to bring your kid to work every day. That’s mostly true, except that being a professional baseball player is not a regular job. Guys get paid to catch and hit a ball. The White Sox don’t sit at a desk for 8 hours a day while Drake runs around the office and wreaks havoc.

It has been reported that the White Sox players considered not playing in today’s spring training game to support Adam LaRoche. Ken Rosenthal wrote that Williams faced a wrath of White Sox players at a meeting about the situation today, including ace pitcher Chris Sale who told Williams to get out of the clubhouse and stay out. Manager Robin Ventura didn’t even agree with Williams’ approach. Dave Kaplan, a Chicago radio personality, said that the team agreed for Drake to be part of their clubhouse culture prior to signing LaRoche in 2015.

Despite the fact that I have no idea how the hell a 14 year old kid in March is able to spend every day with his Dad’s baseball team, the only thing that should really matter is how the people who have to deal with Drake feel about him being there. If the players aren’t bothered by the kid hanging around the clubhouse every day, then why should the VP.

It’s spring training for goodness sakes.

If it bothered Williams so much, he should have discussed it with the team, coaches and management before taking it up with LaRoche. While I’m assuming he probably expected LaRoche to make the concession for him, there’s no reason he should have gone about it in this way.

Furthermore, if the White Sox said Drake could be part of their clubhouse culture, what has changed in the past year that pissed Williams off?

Is he so bothered by the situation that he reached a point where he couldn’t take it anymore? He simply had to do something about the distracting cancer of a 14 year old who just wants to shag some fly balls.

No matter what Williams’ reasons are, in trying to improve his clubhouse culture, Williams was able to unify the clubhouse. Unfortunately, the club is unified against Williams as a result of a decision nobody but Williams seems to be on board with.

If Williams wants to talk about focus and getting better, having the team focus on a completely unnecessary distraction in spring training is not giving every opportunity for your team to get better. This is not a typical employer-employee relationship. Apparently Kenny Williams doesn’t understand that.

Update: This is an update on March 20, 2016. There are now reports that a number of teammates and staff members complained to Williams about Drake. Also, it was reported that Drake was around for about 120 games during the 2015 season. I wanted to update this because it totally changes my opinion and makes my whole article a waste of writing space.

If there are people who have an issue with it, then that’s a problem. Also, my lack of research and half-assedness in writing this post led me to believe this was more of a spring training thing and then he would go back to school and do regular kid stuff. 120 games during the season. Come on, man. That’s utterly insane. If I were a player on the team, I’d sure have a problem with some kid spending all his time in the clubhouse with the guys.


Question of the Day: Why does anyone watch professional wrestling?

Why does anyone watch professional wrestling?

To clarify, by professional wrestling I mean the WWE.

So last night, as it sometimes happens, I decided to watch a couple of minutes of Monday Night RAW. Sometimes it’s Friday Night Smackdown. There was nothing better on and I felt like a good chuckle or two. In small doses, it’s hilarious to me how incredibly stupid pro wrestling is.

When I turned on RAW yesterday, the big match was between Roman Reign and Triple H (I think?). Roman Reign was going rogue. There were about 6 referees trying to stop him. Shockingly, they were unable to slow him down.

Essentially, the few minutes that I did watch followed exactly the same script that I see every time. Except this time, I think the one dude went more rogue than usual. The announcer seemed even more jacked up than usual about this fake fight.

WWE is like the Groundhog Day of wrestling. It’s the same thing every freaking time and I can never comprehend why anyone watches it. I get why people watch the Bachelor. I get why people watch Keeping up with the Kardashians. WWE, I do not get.

Heck, people even pay to watch the WWE. Stadiums are full of adults who cheer and boo fake characters. Adults pay to watch Wrestlemania on pay per view like it’s the second coming of the Rumble in the Jungle.

I know these people know it’s fake. These people will tell you it’s similar to watching any sort of scripted TV show or movie. Yeah, okay. Except WWE might possibly be the worst-acted, worst-scripted TV show in the world. Also, when I see Star Wars in the theatre, I’m not in the theatre booing Darth Vader when he comes on the screen.

Let me be clear, pro wrestlers are very good at their jobs. I am not discounting what they do on a week-to-week basis. Their stunts have a high degree of difficulty and they are always putting their bodies on the line. Although pro wrestling is not a real sport, these guys are real athletes.

However, whenever I find out someone above the age of 13 watches professional wrestling on a regular basis, I question everything about them. I’m a huge Bill Simmons fan yet there is always a little voice in my head that reminds me he is a bona fide, lifelong WWE fan. What is wrong with him?

Every time I watch pro wrestling, I always try to figure out why anyone watches this crap. Last night, it made me feel a little better that these are probably the same people who are voting for Donald Trump. Similarly to the way I feel about Donald Trump supporters, it scares me little inside that there are this many people in the world so passionate about something that is so stupid.

I’m asking for your help. Why does anyone watch professional wrestling?


Mortal Lock – Week 1

So it begins. No punishment has been decided on yet but that won’t matter. This is a mortal lock for a reason. You get punished only when you’re wrong. And no one should ever be wrong with their mortal lock.

This week’s mortal lock  was an easy choice. In spite of being on their 2nd day of a back-to-back, the Golden State Warriors are literally unstoppable at home. They haven’t lost a game at  home all year and I’ll be damned if they lose at home to the lowly Phoenix Suns who have two interior 7-footers in their starting lineup these days. Two big dudes trying to chase Steph Curry and Klay Thompson around on pick and rolls. Sign me up.

The Suns are bad. The Warriors are historically good. Mortal lock it in.

– Gritty