Can We All Agree God Does Not Belong on the Sports Field


Last week I was surfing Twitter as I usually do when I have a couple of minutes, and I thought I must be hallucinating or at least dreaming, there seemed to be a number of people tweeting that the Broncos needed to bring back Tim Tebow. Now some of these tweets were in jest, but there was actually a large number of people who were very seriously pushing the idea.

Let’s be honest, there is only one reason so many people are desperately pushing the candidacy of a quarterback who last played in the NFL 3 seasons ago, GOD. These people want to believe that a quarterback can overcome the inability to throw a football anywhere near an NFL receiver, with Faith.

Please spare me the arguments that it is something other than Faith that drives the Tebow mania. There are plenty of other Heisman winners and college superstars that have not been able to cut it in the pros, and people have just moved on, and let them do autograph signings and open car dealerships for the rest of their lives. And don’t get me wrong I loved Tebow mania while it lasted. There was nothing better than Tebow/Chuck Norris jokes, but it is long past time to move on.


This is not meant to be an attack on God or religion, it is just to point out that if there is a God somewhere out there, he probably has better things to worry about than making sure that Tim Tebow throws a couple TDs and wins on a Sunday. Whatever God you might believe in, don’t you hope that he is worried about more important things than the score of a game? If God wants to watch over and make sure no one gets seriously injured in a game, sure great, I am all for that, beyond that I truly hope, if he is out there, that he has better things to do.

Further don’t we want sports, to be settled on the field and not by destiny? I know we love to talk about teams of destiny, but at the end of the day why we play sports and love competition, is the pursuit of excellence in ourselves and the chance to best another man. Athletes train every day to make themselves the best the can be so they can go out there and try to beat the other guy, and I am pretty sure deep down that is what they want to do, beat the other guy, not have some high power beat the other guy for them.

Finally, sport also offers one the few places, in our world, that can act as a true melting pot, and bring people literally from every walk of life together. Your age, race, gender, socioeconomic status or religion do not matter when discussing sport, it is something we can all relate to in our own way. So could we please leave it that way and keep religion out of it?

As for the Tebow Crusaders please let it die, and perhaps move on to a crusade about something that actually matters, after all there is a brutal Islamic caliphate sweeping across the middle east right now.



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