Salt’s Mortal Lock – Week 1


See what I did there? I used a title for my Mortal Lock that informed readers what the subject was AND whose pick it was. Blogging at its finest. Squire and Gritty could learn a thing or two.

On Thursday, March 17th the Hurricanes travel to Pittsburgh to take on the Penguins. Pittsburgh is in the midst of clinging onto a wildcard spot in the East. Today, Carolina is only 6 points back of the Pens and 5 points back of the 8th seed Wings. If Carolina wants to play an 83rd game this season they need a win Thursday night. Carolina has looked better as of late. However, but I don’t think they’ll have the ability to keep a Penguins team, who finally  looks like they are playing desperation hockey, in check. That’s why I’m taking the Pens.

Also, it’s a Thursday and I don’t have class. So I can watch.

Despite losing Malkin, Pittsburgh wins Thursday I move to 1-1 in the HardNoSports betting arena. I can rest easy this week.

-Salt. (@hardnosalt)



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