Question of the day: Is Trump in the Tyson zone, or a whole new zone?


Is Trump in the Tyson zone of has he created his whole new zone?

The Tyson Zone is a term popularized by @BillSimmons, it is when a celebrity’s behavior becomes so insane that there is literally nothing they could do that would any longer shock or surprise you, or indeed any human being. It was obviously named after Mike Tyson, and yesterday’s question of the day star, Johnny Football, is someone who has obviously entered that Tyson zone, where you could tell me that Johnny Football did just about anything and I would believe you.

Which brings us to Trump, honestly he has to be there, look at this:


Now, the difference between the past Tyson zone stars and Trump? Trump now has legitimate chance to be Leader of the Free Fucking World!  And let’s not get it wrong, above all else Trump is a celebrity. He isn’t a businessman or a politician, he is a
brand, a celebrity and now large group of people seem to be prepared to make that brand President. And as President what could The Donald do, that would shock you?

Sure, Mike Tyson or Johnny Manziel could have announced that they were running for president a la Kanye, and it would not have surprised in the least, but people would have laughed and moved on. Now Trump has decided to run and people aren’t laughing they are voting…for him.

I guess the real question should have been, has Trump moved into a whole new zone already, or is he is in the Tyson zone until elected as President?



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