Whole30: Is it healthy to lose 15lbs, in 16 days?


This is a serious question, is it healthy to lose 15 pounds in 16 days?@HardNoSalt and I embarked on the Whole30 17 days ago. You can read Salt’s post The. Whole. 30. to find out how we ended up in this mess. But as Salt said with my desk job, I have become a fat fuck, for lack of a better term. My days are spent grinding away at my desk and with some ‘networking’ lunches and dinners mixed in there to compliment my lack of exercise with thousands of extra calories. And what do I do when I have a free night or a weekend without work? I knock back cold ones like I am in a desert oasis that might dry up at anytime to relieve the stress, and stumble on home with a few pieces of pizza to crush.

Then along came the Whole 30, and BOOM not only did my diet take a 180 degree turn, I also started working out properly and regularly again for the first time since I was in university. My leisurely pedal on the bike listening to tunes and checking twitter was replaced with squats and lots of them.

So one week into this new lifestyle, I weighed myself. I know Whole 30 says don’t weigh yourself,  but if I am doing this, I better be losing some weight, damn it! The result after 7 days was a 6 pound drop. I figured that this weight loss would level itself off, now that my body had had time to adjust to the new diet. So that brings me to last night, after a long day at the office I dragged my ass to gym at 10 pm, and I decided to hop on the scale, and what it showed was a 15 pound loss, in the last 16 days. I had to get off and back on to make sure it was right.

Which leads me to my question, is this healthy, I certainly had 15 pounds to lose and definitely have some more to lose, I am not looking like a skeleton. However, having basically been having a pound a day fall off me for a month straight, which when I think about it, seems crazy to me. And don’t ask me if I have been eating enough, I spend my entire day eating, no three meals a day, Whole 30 plan here, I probably have 5 meals a day plus snacks, and it doesn’t matter the weight keeps dropping.

So is this a problem or should I just say fuck it, and try to lose 30 pounds in 30 days, just to say I did it?



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