Question of the Day: Where will Johnny Manziel Play Next?

jfootballlWhere will Johnny Football be playing next?

The inevitable happened today, and the Browns released Johnny Manziel. Was there ever a worse marriage than the Browns and Johnny? Johnny’s actions have certainly seemed to be those of someone who wanted to get the fuck out of Cleveland, but where does that leave him?



Is Jerry Jones, actually crazy enough to roll the dice on Johnny Manziel? The upside of this is Tony Romo will get hurt, so we would get to see Johnny, but the downside is Johnny and Dallas seems like a ticking time bomb.

The Las Vegas Raiders

johnny-manziel-blackjackMark Davis wants to move the Raiders to Las Vegas and there could not possibly be a better franchise quarterback of the new Las Vegas Football team than Johnny Manziel. He could hit the crap tables all week, then go out on Sunday run around and makes plays. It’s the opposite of Johnny and Cleveland, it’s a match made in heaven.


index.pngThis is probably my favorite option, only because I would get to see @HardNoGritty root for him to fail every week of the CFL season, just so he could pull up his spreadsheet and add Johnny to his list of Heisman winners and ex-NFL players who have failed in the CFL. Also, note to all the CFL teams out there if you sign Johnny I will actually come to a game, and this is a guy prides himself on never having been to a CFL, game. You get Johnny and I will come, Johnny running around in the wide open, can’t tackle CFL would be electric. Break the bank BC Lions, go get Money Manziel, hell if the Lions sign him, I may actually buy season tickets. But let’s be honest Johnny doesn’t belong in the CFL, the guy is a star, and the CFL, is not where stars go.

Playing Blackjack with Scott Disick in Vegas filming his reality TV Show


This has to be the outcome right? Johnny’s exploits off the field have far outgrown his exploits on it, and that has been the case from almost day 1. His Heisman season at Texas A&M, seems so long ago. It might be time just to ditch Football which gets in the way of his partying, jet setting lifestyle and become the reality TV star he is destined to become.

So once, again I ask where will Johnny Football be playing next?


6 thoughts on “Question of the Day: Where will Johnny Manziel Play Next?

  1. Love the post and the ideas… I can see him sitting at the table in Vegas giving the money sign any day now!
    I’m actually leaning towards Dallas at the moment, he’ll be treated like royalty in Texas. And Jerry isn’t exactly shy about taking a chance.
    There aren’t really many other teams out there where he would fit, I was thinking Chicago if they tire of Cutler but can’t see that happening.
    Looking forward to keeping an eye on your blog in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Montreal is the closest Canada can get to Vegas, I love it! Time to start the #ManzieltoMontreal campaign


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