Brock ‘N Roll?

Brock ‘N Roll. Brock Lobster. Brock to the Future. New Kid on the Brock. Party like a Brockstar.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Anyway, in a surprise move today, Brock Osweiler went LeBron James on the Denver Broncos and signed with the Houston Texans. The Texans gave a guy who started all of seven games in 2015 and got benched for the ghost of Peyton Manning $37 million in guaranteed money.

Let’s be clear, I’m not going to condemn the Houston Texans for paying too much for Brock Osweiler. When you have any opportunity to pick up a guy you think has a chance to become your franchise quarterback, you jump at it like everybody’s favourite Filipino divers. There’s a lot of a people who think Brock Osweiler can be a franchise quarterback and, I’m not sure if you have heard, not every team has a franchise quarterback.

However, we have to pull back on the Brock jerk-off party. Watching the NFL Network and ESPN today was basically seeing 38 (I did not count) insiders and former players tell me how the Houston Texans had finally found their guy. Quarterback guru Bill O’Brien is ready to whisper sweet nothings into Brock’s ear.

Brock Osweiler was drafted in 2012. He’s had a chance to sit behind Peyton Manning. Learn from the best. All that stuff. He had some moments in 2015 but he clearly was not ready for prime time.

Yes, he showed flashes but there are a lot of quarterbacks over the years who have shown flashes. It’s the consistency week in and week out that determines greatness in the NFL, or any league for that matter. Brock Osweiler was benched for a “gunslinger” who couldn’t throw a spiral because he literally could not score any points in the 4th quarter.

We also have to remember that tall quarterbacks have not had a ton of success in the NFL. Being that high off the ground for a lot of quarterbacks often means looking and playing like an awkward, gangly ostrich or flamingo. Think Mike Glennon.

At 6 foot 6, Joe Flacco is the tallest quarterback to both start and win a Super Bowl. If Brock Osweiler’s turned out to be Joe Flacco, I’m sure the Texans would gladly take it. Unfortunately, history has shown us that once quarterbacks start creeping into the 6 foot 6 to 6 foot 8 range, the success is not there. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule but it is important to note that generalizations do matter when it comes to height.

I never came away overly impressed with Brock Osweiler in his short stint playing in 2015. Brock Osweiler is not the smoothest 6 foot 8 I’ve ever seen. He is not the most awkward 6 foot 8 I’ve ever seen. I should remind you though, I am no Ron Jaworski. I have not watched 74 hours of film on Brock Osweiler since the Texans signed him. There are people who know way more about football and analyzing quarterbacks than I do.

This may not make for a great hot take but we have no idea what Brock Osweiler is going to be. He might be a Hall of Famer, Donovan McNabb good, Brad Johnson mediocre, or Akili Smith bad. Who knows?

All I’m asking is for people to slow their roll with Brock until he actually does something in the league. Unless you have more Brock puns. Then I’m all ears.

– Gritty (@hardnogritty1)


6 thoughts on “Brock ‘N Roll?

  1. Nice post. As a cautiously optimistic Texans fan, I have confidence that if Osweiler is a skilled quarterback, O’Brien can get the best out of him. If it was Brock, it would likely be someone along the lines of RG3 or Fitzpatrick. I’d rather have an unproven guy like Brock instead of one of those retreads.

    As for Brock puns, I saw Brocketman used today. Appropriate for Houston, I guess.


    1. Just curious Scott, when you say you didn’t want a retread, don’t you think that someone can get Griffin, who still offers a lot of the same upside potential that Osweiler offers, for a fraction of the guaranteed dollars?


      1. I wouldn’t say Griffin has the same upside as Osweiler, and if he does I think there’s less of a chance he’d achieve. He has shown that he can’t stay healthy. I just think sometimes you have to take a risk to succeed. The Texans had the cap room to sign Osweiler, and I say take a chance on him.


  2. Interesting point on the relationship between QB altitude and SB success. If BO is just a slightly more mobile and considerably less fragile version of Matt Schaub, this is probably not a terrible buy for the Texans. Red rates it a 5.5 and holding – mostly because Red wasn’t terribly thrilled with the prospect of Goff, Paxton or Lynch as the mythical “franchise quarterback.” Red is actually much more “excited” about getting Lamar Miller.


  3. I would agree that whenever you think a guy has franchise qb potential you need to take a shot, so if the Texans think that is his ceiling I think you have to do it. Just a lot of guaranteed $’s for someone who was replaced by a qb who could no longer physically compete in the nfl. I would compare to the contracts going to the top draft picks before the rookie salary cap


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