Hey kids don’t grow up, no really don’t grow up


I started this post when I was at work one day, while I was supposed to be at a golf tournament. So it comes from a place of bitterness I will admit. And I am just getting around to finishing it now, because…well life sucks.

I am currently sitting in my office, when I am supposed to be playing a golf tournament, enjoying the almost perfect weather and probably being a beer or two too deep. But instead I am stuck in my windowless office working away. To make the matters worst the rest of the office (that isn’t out on summer vacation) is drinking.

See, 27 is coming up fast for me and I have realized that I have made a big mistake, I didn’t ‘waste’ any years of my 20’s. Nope like a sucker I did all those things I was supposed to do and where did that get me? A quick ticket to the hamster wheel, that’s where.

I went to university and picked up a degree in four years, and a second one in another three for good measure, all the while working and doing all those extra curricular things you are supposed to do that look good on resumes and “get you ahead”. And don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of fun going it, I always found time for Thirsty Thursday’s, Sunday Fundays and every party in between.

But I never took time off to travel for a year or “find myself”. I wanted to get on the fasflane to success and stay there.

To make matters worse, I have pretty much got there too. Sure I could be making a little more money, have a little more power etc., but for the most part I have accomplished to date what I set out to do. I even like what I do for my job for the most part. The problemis, I am stuck doing it for the next 30 years, it comes with responsibilities, that I can’t just walk away from. As does my house, my mortgage and everything else.

By by the the time I was 25, I was pretty much married to the rest of my life. I have spent the last two years realizing that I have made commitments in life that have made it almost impossible for me to “get away”, unless I want to get labelled as the crazy guy who burned out and ended up at a surf lodge in Nicaragua. And that may still happen, one day I may just give it all up and be hanging loose on a beach in Nicuragua.

Until then, I have the Pats game tomorrow to look forward to tomorrow, and the rest of the football season to hopefully get me through the fall. And then I will have golf seasons to look forward to (if I can even get out of the office).

But to all you guys and girls in your early 20’s or younger, I say don’t be in too much of rush, enjoy the lack off responsibility while you have it.





Did Donald Trump just have his best tweet ever?

This tweet from Donal Trump is just peak Trump! It manages to perfectly capture his arrogance, his vanity and his racism all in one tweet.

It’s Cinco De Mayo, he has to tweet about it and he has to remind people that he is NOT a racist! So naturally he finishes with I love Hispanics, boom golden!

And obviously the best taco bowls (pretty sure that is not a traditional dish) are made by something with the Trump name on it!

Please try and find me a better tweet from the Donald, you can’t.


Question of the Day: How much was this basketball player paid to fix this game in the Greek league?

How much was this player paid to fix the game?

Former Arizona State player Jermaine Marshall tied up this quarterfinal Greek league game by scoring on his own basket, as time expired.

Seriously!? Sure mental lapses happen, but it is the end of the game, a playoff game too boot. You suddenly forgot which basket was yours as time expired? No, the explanation I can come up with is Jermaine suddenly realized he was about to have a couple broken knee caps and the only thing he could do is take matters into his own hands. Jermaine’s team Kifisia lost in overtime, 108-103, no shit, no way they were coming back from that.

Though from what I have seen from Greek league basketball fans, I am not sure he was any safer…

Women’s World Hockey Championship: Salt being Salt


Emergency Update from the Women’s World Hockey Championship

So on a whim Salt and I decided to head up to the Women’s World Hockey Championship in Kamloops to check out the action and catch up with some old friends.Last night we got some good old Canada vs. U.S.A. hockey action. Salt being Salt decided to throw on a blue jersey, tell everyone that he was from Michigan and cheer on the old Red, White and Blue. That’s fine with me, if Salt wants to show absolute no patriotism and cheer on our nation’s biggest rivals, that is his problem. What transpired next though is typical Salt, yet still unbelievable.

After getting well lubricated at a bar next to the arena, we headed over to the game but had to stop outside, so Salt could participate in the kids shooting games outside the arena. The girl running the games told us “adults can play to”, and then may have confused Salt for being specials needs, as she told me and our other buddy that we were “really good friends”.

Salt then proceeded to wildly cheer for the U.S. for the first two periods while drawing the ire of every fan in the lower bowl.During the intermission, he also found more contests to participate in and more fans to regale with stories from his “Michigan State days”.

It was during the 2nd intermission though that the real Salt came out, when he informed me that he was going to leave, because he was hungry and everyone was “against him and hated him”. The guy chooses to cheer for a country that is not his own and then after a couple slaps on the head from a thunderstick from a hockey mom and a couple boos his way, he is ready to pack up his bags and go home! I should have known it was coming, a typical Salt move, but yet it still shocked me. I ended up having to buy the guy a poutine just so he would finish the game with us. Yet he still continued to pout about being at the game, until the  U.S.A. made comeback win, which he wildly cheered, earning us the scorn of many.

The morale of this story is probably that traitors, have no spine and will crumble, while true patriots like myself always stand tall and would never let hunger or a few hockey moms get to us.

To make matters worse, I had Canada on the money line. :Love Canada to get revenge in the Championship Game though, going to bet them right now to win the tournament.

Question of the Day: Why Does LeBron Act like a 13 year old Girl?

LeBron James has a serious problem. He’s a 6”8, 260 lbs tank of human being who acts like a tween girl with posters of One Direction and Justin Bieber in her bedroom.

In what has become an all too common occurrence from LeBron’s leadership playbook, the King has gone back to the passive aggressive Twitter well. Last night, the internet went a bit insane when it was discovered that LeBron had unfollowed the Cleveland Cavaliers official twitter account. When LeBron was asked about this after the game, his response was “next question”.

If there was any doubt that this was not an accidental unfollow, LeBron’s “next question” response all but confirms that it wasn’t. If you need more evidence, LeBron unfollowed the Cavs on Instagram as well (and then re-followed them on Instagram).

It has been reported today that LeBron has removed his sound system from the locker room. 

That brings us to the question of the day. Why does LeBron Act like a 13 year old girl?

This is not the first time LeBron has done something similar to this. Earlier this month, LeBron James sent some tweets that were clearly directed towards Kyrie Irving. Irving even responded to the tweets with a cryptic tweet of his own.

Last February, LeBron actually admitted to his stop trying to “FIT-OUT and just FIT-IN” cryptic tweet directed at Kevin Love.

LeBron loves to pull this type of passive aggressive behaviour outside of Twitter too. At the beginning of last season, he infamously let his teammates fail on purpose to teach them a lesson. After making the game-winning shot in the NBA Finals last year, he threw David Blatt under the bus by telling the media that he scrapped the play call drawn up by Blatt. Midway through this season, he orchestrated a coup of David Blatt in favour of Tyronn Lue yet refused to acknowledge publicly that he had anything to do with it. A few days before sending the cryptic tweets towards Kyrie Irving, LeBron spent two straight off-days in Miami training with Dwyane Wade and simply swept the question under the rug when asked about it.

Yes, it is a pattern.

What I don’t understand is why one of the greatest basketball players of all-time resorts to this style of leadership. It doesn’t make sense to me that the owner, GM, coach and best player of a franchise chooses to direct his frustrations in such an indirect manner. While it is possible that a lot of these issues are being addressed internally, it is a wonder to me why LeBron does not wish to keep these issues internal.

Imagine having a boss who occasionally sends mass emails to every employee talking in general terms about what the company needs to do better but everyone knows that the email is clearly directed at one individual. Maybe that is your boss. Well, that’s pretty much what it is like playing with LeBron.

Justin Bieber posted a photo a couple of days ago on Instagram kissing his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Gomez liked the photo and commented “Perfect.” People went crazy about what this comment meant and whether the two are going to get back together.

I highlight the Bieber-Gomez fiasco because it is exactly the type of situation where we expect cryptic social media messages. The relationship status of an on again, off again celebrity couple. I imagine that, with the prominence of social media now, it’s the type of stuff that happens with teen girls (and guys to a lesser extent). Heck, I remember back in high school when it was a big deal that someone unfriended you on Facebook.

When there is already so much chaos in Cleveland, it is more than a bit odd that LeBron intentionally wants to create more chaos. If the Cavs don’t win a championship this year, people already were discussing the possibility of LeBron leaving Cleveland, again. Why add fuel to the fire by unfollowing the Cavs on social media?

LeBron is an incredibly calculated and intelligent individual. He knows what he is doing. He knows he is going to be asked the question when he does these types of things. However, he acts as if he is surprised when these questions come his way.

I can’t imagine Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan acting like this. Kobe and Jordan would just tell you straight up to your face what the problem is.

The only explanation I can come up with for LeBron’s petty behaviour is that this is his nature. LeBron is not built from the mold of a Kobe or a Jordan. It comes through in his play. Rather than take over games himself, LeBron’s instinct in the past was to defer to others. He has never been the cold blooded killer.  Not that he is a passive person by everyday standards, but relative to Kobe and Jordan, LeBron is not an in your face person and his leadership is reflective of that.

It’s almost as if he thrives off of the unnecessary drama that he creates. He’s mad at the Cavs, or David Blatt, or Kevin Love, or Kyrie Irving for whatever reason. He has all the power but instead of telling them privately that something is wrong, he sends a cryptic tweet or says something strange to the media that anyone with half a brain can figure out who he is directing it to.

I’m sure this is some kind of tactical measure designed to get him what he wants. I don’t know how what this specific action accomplishes but there has to be a game plan in there somewhere.  Still, it boggles my mind that LeBron chooses to go straight down Passive Aggressive Boulevard and Cryptic Avenue when he is upset.

Selena Gomez likes Justin Bieber’s photo and comments “Perfect.” LeBron unfollows the Cavs on Twitter.

Someone please tell me because I can’t figure it out. Why does LeBron act like a 13 year old girl?


Question of the Day: How Much Should Squire Spend #forthekids

Last week, I wrote about surviving survivor.

Unfortunately, Alecia Holden didn’t fair so well this season. Despite busting her ass off around camp, and finding a hidden immunity idol clue, she was kicked out by the the Brawn tribe.

Holden recently gave an interview describing her experience on the show. In the interview Holden went on to say that the two tribe mates responsible for giving her the boot “never gave her a chance” and believes they don’t “respect women”.

Since being eliminated Holden seems to be taking the loss in stride. She’s kept a pretty even keel in the media and just said what everyone who watched the show could already see. And now, shes auctioning off a 15 minute skype call to help raise money to find a cure for JDRF (Type 1 Diabetes). 

Enter Hard No Sports.

Personally, I am not a huge survivor fan. I only started watching a couple years ago and I’m burning out. I don’t think Squire has watched an episode in his life. Gritty however, Gritty loves survivor.

So when Alecia announced she was doing something good, like donating money to charity, Squire saw the perfect opportunity. Help out a charity and give Gritty the interview of his dreams.

squire - tweet- holden

Look how sweet she is. She even liked it. Little old Squire got a like from Holden. It was a big day for the Hard No House.

Now, I don’t know how many people follow us at this point. I’m assuming zero. So, to save you the time, all Squire really does is bitch about how much he has to work and how much money he’s made dipping into the ‘fat cat lifestyle’.

And then, just this morning he was complaining about how the auction had reached $150…….I am getting the vibe that Squire may not really be in it #forthekids after all.

So, today we ask you, how high should the corporate fat cat, Squire, have to go in his pursuit of helping out a charity and helping Gritty get a skype call with the former Survivor contestant, but always beautiful, Alecia Holden?

I think it’s time he puts his money where his mouth is.



Gritty’s Mortal Lock of the Week — Week 1 (Redo)

Apparently I misunderstood the purpose of the mortal lock and the lock was not as mortal as I expected. As as a result, I am redoing my mortal lock of the week. Because I watch TV like a 60 year old man and don’t have Netflix, figuring out my punishment  has been hard. I still don’t think we have a punishment for me.

Nevertheless, it won’t matter because this is a mortal lock.

It’s March Madness time. We have to lock in some hoops picks.

This has been an upset crazy first couple of days of madness. Even the great Tom Izzo’s Michagan State Spartans were upset by a lowly 15 seed. With that in mind, I still want to look towards a proven coach and a team on the ascension.

I’m going with John Calipari and the good ol’ Kentucky Wildcats. This isn’t a Wildcats team from recent memory. They are not filled with one and done players. They do have a one and done guy though. Jamal Murray (CANADIAN) is one of the country’s best pure scorers who forms a dynamic backcourt with tiny guard Tyler Ulis.

They also have a real presence on the interior based on the game I watched them play against Stony Brook in the first round. The announcers told me that this team started out their season slow and are hitting their stride at the perfect time of the year. That’s all I need to hear.

I’ve got Kentucky and their giving 3.5 points to Indiana.

Question of the day: Who sweats more, Sean Miller of Marco Rubio?

Who sweats more, Sean Miller or Marco Rubio?

Last night everyone in America, was shocked by the literal buckets that Arizona coach Sean Miller was sweating. The guy was drenched, which brings us to our, question of the day, who is the bigger sweater in America, Sean Miller or the notorious sweater Marco Rubio.

Let’s roll some game film on the Coach Miller.

How did Miller even have that must water in him to sweat out? The guy must have lost at least 5lbs during the game. His players who were actually playing, the game, did not sweat half as much as he did, it literally boggles my mind.

Now the politician Rubio


Rubio is a sweater there is no doubt about it, from debates to campaign speeches, the guy sweats away.And it is probably all this sweating that leads to dehydration and his infamous dry mouth issues.

But let’s be honest if not for Trump constantly blasting Rubio for his sweating, most of us would hardly notice Rubio’s sweating and just think the top of his head was a little extra shiny in those debates.

Miller on the other hand looked like he had had a shower in his clothes last night, and for that reason I have to go with Sean Miller as the biggest sweater in America.


Congrats Coach, at least you won something last night. And ouch perhaps I should have gone Rubio, let the guy win something, he can’t even win Florida for fuck sakes. Poor Marco.


Live Blog – Mortal Lock Week 1 – Pens & Canes

Today is the day that will answer the question: will I be going to to an EDM/Rap Battle concert next week. Fuck.

Pens are starting Murray. Let’s take that as a sign of confidence. Kid has been really solid in his 6 previous starts. No need to play like a rookie tonight.

I have a grown up things to do at 3:30 so I might be a touch late getting home to start. Let’s hope we have some fun, shall we.


Well that does it. Lack makes a nice save with 3 seconds left but the game is over. Sid scored twice. I think Phil had some points. Murray shut the door after the 2 early goals.  That was huge. Pittsburgh needs to look at that defense if they want to do anything in the playoffs, assuming they get there. Also please stop taking penalties below the opponents goal line.

Pens win their 4th. I don’t go to EDM/Rap Battle concert. And I won money for the house. It’s a good night. Now we just need a Zaga loss to send Squire to his punishment, and were all set.

First Period.

  • Just got home.  6 Minutes left in the first. Sid scored. Score is 2-1. Fuck.
  • US Open trophy getting some TV time. Bad sign. Let’s not talk golf right now. Thanks.
  • 2 on 0. Sure why not. Thanks for the save Murray. Closed the 7 hole quick. Good god.
  • If Lack can keep bobbling rebounds like they’re hot potatoes that would be great. Also, how many times does Phil have to miss?
  • Cullen is fancy.
  • 2:09 left in the First and Rust takes a boarding call behind the Canes goal line. Right call on the play. Poor play by Rust.
  • 1:04 left in on the PK for the pens. PK looks good. Keep the lanes closed and puck to the outside. Couple of nice passes left a Cane player open to snap a hard shot on Murray. Good save.
  • One of the Golden Rules of hockey: No goals allowed in the final minute of a frame. Pens are 1:05 from getting out of this one.
  • 15 Seconds out. Puck is dumped in and quickly out by Letang. Pens escape the PK unharmed.
  • Penguins out shoot the Canes 22-14 but remain down 2-1. Fuck. Me. 40 miles left though. Here’s hoping.

Missed most of the first obviously. But the Pens out shooting the Canes 22-14 is a good sign. Lack can slow down. Very unlikely Pens stay on pace and put 66ish shots on net. Going to have a find a way through Lack and buckle down on the back end. Have a feeling Pens ran into a hot goalie tonight. Not good.

Second Period.

People bowling on the ice is strange to me.

  • Pens win opening face-off and are offside 9 seconds later.
  • Matta with a dump in on Lack holds for the face-off. Goalies must hate that play in the show this year.
  • Solid save by Murray. Canes looked dangerous coming into the zone on that rush. please stawp.
  • Sid is good at face-offs.
  • Sid is good at sprawling around on the ice taking away the pass on a 2-1. There’s practically 2 periods left. No need to pinch that hard yet.
  • Murray looks to be tracking the puck well tonight. Easily handled a shot from the point and put it into the corner.
  • Phil losses a race to the puck in an offensive zone. Canes clear. The sky is blue.
  • Sherri almost feathered a pass through to Fehr. No luck. Puck goes wide. Pens pressing now. Lack standing tall.
  • Pens keep the pressure up. Canes forced to ice. The commentating crew is immersed in the fact the puck bounced off the dasher and went into the air. Let’s see how many times it comes up tonight.
  • Pens seem happy to leavea a man alone in front of their net on every Carolina rush tonight. Oh look. There was just three of them and only Letang in front. This is an unsettling theme. Puck cleared. Somehow.
  • Three Canes 2 Pens. Pens back check forces Skinner to take a bad angled shot from the outside. Murray handles it easily.
  • Pens pressure again. Lack handles it well. Rebound in the slot wasn’t found by Pens.
  • 12:30 left and we are headed for a commercial.
  • Murray flashes the leather and finds a piece of candy. Kid is making saves to keep the Pens in this.
  • Canes are cycling well here. 2 shifts in a row. Pens are out momentarily but generate nothing dangerous.
  • Pens are line juggling. Always a good sign.
  • 9:45 left and Pens still losing.
  • We’re back. Puck has been outside the dots a lot tonight. Nothing dangerous happening.
  • Murray stops the wrap around and stays square to the puck to swallow up the rebound.


  • Phil can thank the Hockey Gods for this one. Great break out pass to Cole.  Cole entered the zone, delayed and cut to the middle. He went for the shot in the middle of the slot, Cane defensemen got a stick on it, Haiglin was there to kick the arrant puck over to a streaking Phil. Phil managed to put it in the net. Lack was on the other side of the net still. Pens tie it up 2-2. #NOEDM.
  • Murray makes another nice save.
  • Stall and Rust are mad at each other. I think that’s about all that’s going to happen. Rust kept the gloves on. A lot of words not so many fists. Both go for 2. Pens commentators are calling for a spear. It’s more of an upwards slash. A lot of swooping motion in that stick. Refs got the 2 minutes right.
  • 4 on 4 now. Pens should have the advantage here. Sure enough Canes are cycling at will in the Pittsburgh zone.
  • Phil all alone in the slot aaaaand misses the net.
  • Pens are keeping up the pressure here. Pens take another penalty in the offensive zone. This is good.
  • Behind the Canes goal line. Again. Good god.
  • 5 left in the second. Canes start 4-3. Rust comes out of the Box aaaaaaand denied by Lack with the blocker on the breakaway.
  • Canes just get set up on the PP with 15 seconds left. Cleared immediately. It wasn’t. Shot straight out. But goes unseen. Back to even strength. Canes go offside.


  • Sid on one knee (he loves that) re-directs a perfectly placed slap pass from Cole over the blocker of Lack. Happened quick. Sid did a great job of getting open. Cole did a better job of finding him. Pens up 3-2.
  • Hagelin, definitely did not spell that right before, goes off for embellishing. Canes go off with a trip. Back to 4 on 4 we go. 1:46 left.
  • Hanifin takes a penalty with 7 seconds left in the 2nd.

Second period comes to a close. Pens start 4 on 3. And I think, I think they’re up 3-2. 20 minutes away from #NOEDM.

Third Period.

Squire needed starbucks. Missed the first 2 minutes. Pens are still up 3-2. All is okay. Just gotta get through this period and walk away with not having to go to #EDM.

  • Pens playing much safer and slower here. I’ll take it. Not much happening.
  • Matta has a shot form the point bounce around and almost go in. Pens putting on pressure here. Sid losses the puck by the blue line and out come the Canes.
  • I am now nervous of Rust being below the Canes goal line. Penalty problems are real.
  • Apparently Rust is like a burrowing animal? Thanks?
  • More Pens pressure. Dumoulin takes two shots before the second gets through. Lack swallows it up……like a burrowing animal? #hiremerootsports.  13 left in the third.
  • Pens still keeping the pace of this game to a minimum. Staal seems to be the only Cane that can really press the puck.
  • Pens turnover in the Offensive zone. 2 on 0 below the hashmarks..again. Daley dove back and jumped on the pass across like a…..yup….burrowing animal. Canes go to the PP on a Hagelin hook.
  • Rask with a rocket from the point. No traffic in front for the Canes. Miller tracks it well and holds on with the glove.
  • Quick pass out of the corner to a streaking Nash on the far side. Nash flubbs it and puts it back across Murray. Canes take a penalty immediately after. 4 on 4.
  • Letang is fancy.
  • 3 on 1 for the Canes. Skinner delayed and tried to cut to the middle in the offensive zones. Sid back checks well enough to congest the play and Skinner faces too much pressure to get a shot off.
  • Phil’s arms aren’t long enough to accept a perfect pass from the Pens defense. He chases it down and puts a shot on net from behind the goal line. Rebound is put out of play by Bonino. Pens on the PP now.
  • Canes kill the Pens pp easily. 9:40 left even strength. Hand pass in the neutral zone. Commercial break.
  • Phill and Hagelin cycle it well and put on some pressure.
  • Murray once again looks very much in the zone. Two quick back to back saves. Holds onto the second.
  • Couple of quick stoppages in play. 7:11 left. Not much happening.
  • Hagelin just won a race in the offensive zone. slammed on the breaks and was all alone in front of Lack with no where to go. They just looked at eachother and Hagelin went backhand and it was tipped away but a Canes defensement struggling to get back.


  • Bonino streaks in the far side. Phil had the puck below the dot and Lack had to challenge. Even Phil can put it away with that much time. Phil passed, Lack bit, and Bonino tapped it in the open net.
  • Daley goes off for holding. 6 minutes left. Pens up 4-2.
  • Scrum in front of the Pens net. Ref has his harm up. Staal falls on Murray and goes off for goalie interference. 4 on 4 again.
  • Back to back solid saves by Lack and Murray. Canes cycling down low in Pittsburgh zone.
  • Sid breaks out of the zone and gets a pass from the Pens defensemen.  He took a half clapper from about the the hashmarks, just to the left of the face off dot. Lack played it very well. Was out to challenge. Made the save and held on. No hatty for Sid.
  • Canes buzzing but cant get the puck on net. Pens look content to burn this one out.
  • Pens PP is over with 3:45 left. Penalty coming up on Hornqvist because why not? Can’t make it easy. Tripping penalty. ON the Canes goal line this time. The penalties are becoming more and more defensive by the second.
  • Canes cycle. put it on net. Doesn’t get through and the Pens clear. Canes can’t gain the offensive zone. 1:10 left in the PP and 2:30 left in the third.
  • Canes cycle it around, Hard shot from the point, steered aside by Murray. Another shot from the point, doesn’t get through. Another shot, doesn’t get through.
  • 30 seconds left. It’s all but over. NO EDM! THANK GOODNESS!


Kids in Clubhouses

Yesterday, a very weird thing happened. Adam LaRoche, who had one year and $13 million remaining on his contract with the Chicago White Sox, decided to retire. Although leaving $13 million isn’t something regular people get to do, the retirement wasn’t all that weird in itself. The thing is, Adam LaRoche retired because management told him his 14 year old son, Drake, should spend less time with the team at the ballpark.

According to reports, this request came largely from team vice-president Kenny Williams. Ken Rosenthal released a statement from Williams, an excerpt of which is reproduced below:

“There has been no policy change with regards to allowance of kids in the clubhouse, on the field, the back fields during spring training. This young man that we’re talking about, Drake, everyone loves this young man. In no way do I want this to be about him.

“I asked Adam, said, ‘Listen, our focus, our interest, our desire this year is to make sure we give ourselves every opportunity to focus on a daily basis on getting better. All I’m asking you to do with regard to bringing your kid to the ballpark is dial it back.’

“I don’t think he should be here 100 percent of the time – and he has been here 100 percent, every day, in the clubhouse. I said that I don’t even think he should be here 50 percent of the time. Figure it out, somewhere in between.

“We all think his kid is a great young man. I just felt it should not be every day, that’s all. You tell me, where in this country can you bring your child to work every day?”

What do you make of something like this? Williams’ take seems to be reasonable until you take a closer look at the situation itself. Based on the subsequent reports, it appears that the only person who has a problem with Drake in the locker room is Williams. That’s a problem.

Williams mentions that no job in America would allow you to bring your kid to work every day. That’s mostly true, except that being a professional baseball player is not a regular job. Guys get paid to catch and hit a ball. The White Sox don’t sit at a desk for 8 hours a day while Drake runs around the office and wreaks havoc.

It has been reported that the White Sox players considered not playing in today’s spring training game to support Adam LaRoche. Ken Rosenthal wrote that Williams faced a wrath of White Sox players at a meeting about the situation today, including ace pitcher Chris Sale who told Williams to get out of the clubhouse and stay out. Manager Robin Ventura didn’t even agree with Williams’ approach. Dave Kaplan, a Chicago radio personality, said that the team agreed for Drake to be part of their clubhouse culture prior to signing LaRoche in 2015.

Despite the fact that I have no idea how the hell a 14 year old kid in March is able to spend every day with his Dad’s baseball team, the only thing that should really matter is how the people who have to deal with Drake feel about him being there. If the players aren’t bothered by the kid hanging around the clubhouse every day, then why should the VP.

It’s spring training for goodness sakes.

If it bothered Williams so much, he should have discussed it with the team, coaches and management before taking it up with LaRoche. While I’m assuming he probably expected LaRoche to make the concession for him, there’s no reason he should have gone about it in this way.

Furthermore, if the White Sox said Drake could be part of their clubhouse culture, what has changed in the past year that pissed Williams off?

Is he so bothered by the situation that he reached a point where he couldn’t take it anymore? He simply had to do something about the distracting cancer of a 14 year old who just wants to shag some fly balls.

No matter what Williams’ reasons are, in trying to improve his clubhouse culture, Williams was able to unify the clubhouse. Unfortunately, the club is unified against Williams as a result of a decision nobody but Williams seems to be on board with.

If Williams wants to talk about focus and getting better, having the team focus on a completely unnecessary distraction in spring training is not giving every opportunity for your team to get better. This is not a typical employer-employee relationship. Apparently Kenny Williams doesn’t understand that.

Update: This is an update on March 20, 2016. There are now reports that a number of teammates and staff members complained to Williams about Drake. Also, it was reported that Drake was around for about 120 games during the 2015 season. I wanted to update this because it totally changes my opinion and makes my whole article a waste of writing space.

If there are people who have an issue with it, then that’s a problem. Also, my lack of research and half-assedness in writing this post led me to believe this was more of a spring training thing and then he would go back to school and do regular kid stuff. 120 games during the season. Come on, man. That’s utterly insane. If I were a player on the team, I’d sure have a problem with some kid spending all his time in the clubhouse with the guys.